Hellie Projects

The following projects listed in many cases will have links to previous websites.They are really just for historical purpose. They are left as they were, some of them in various degrees of completion. In some cases the links won't work or sections labeled coming soon, well... they won't. Some of the projects labeled Past (dead) may currently still exist without Kirk. In those cases they may be updated using their own resources.

These are the main projects Kirk has been involved with over the years. Various session work and contributions to others work continues on a daily basis. If you have a project that Kirk worked on and would like to see it listed in the discography, please e-mail using the contact page.

Past (dead) Present

Tape 2001 - 2002
Short Lived band fusing post punk New York rawk, hip hop, indie and noise. Very confused band but garnared a lot of press, $$ and solid fanbase. LA and NY shows.

Justin Warfield - bass, vocals
Kirk Hellie - Guitars, loops, noise
Giani Garafalo - Bass (2001)
Thomas Froggatt - Bass (2002)
Norm Block - Drums

Kirk Hellie Solo - soon
"imagine the characters from the Magic Roundabout sleeping off a real bad night on the ale with Dylan much too wired to fall into slumber trying to sing himself to sleep."
- Losing Today Magazine

12 Rounds 1999 - 2001
Nothing Records.
The UK years...living and recording through the demos to the full length album. Kirk played, bass, guitar some keyboards, loops, radios, noise and some co-writing. The album was co produced by Ben Hillier and mixed by Trent Reznor/12 Rounds

Claudia Sarne - Vocals, Keyboards
Atticus Ross - programmer
Kirk Hellie - Guitars, bass, etc.
Andy Crisp - Drums

Meow Meow 1998 - present
Art Damaged pop band that should've come right after pink noise test if it weren't for Kirk's busy collaborations with others and session work.

Kirk Hellie - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Theremin, Lap Steel, electronics
Christopher O' Brien - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Kevin Stevens - Drums, Perc. (2004 - present)
Norm Block -Drums (2003 - 2004)
Michael Orendy - Bass, Vocals, Piano (2004)

Pink Noise Test 1993 - 1998
Interscope Records (USA)
Universal Music (Japan)
Mushroom Records (Australia/New Zealand)
Kirk's brainchild...guitarist, bass, songwriter, producer. Noise Pop band. Released a full length album, two e.p.s and various singles. Various North America/Canada Tours 1995 - 1998.
MTV video for "All The Same To Me"
Various licensing of music (USA and abroad) for tv/mtv, etc.

Kirk Hellie - production, songwriter, guitarist, bass, keyboards
Lawrence - Glass Vocals,Lyrics
Peter Kelly - Drums
Michael Hill - Bass (1993 - 1997)

disKoNeKt the HiFi 1998 - present
Kirk's elecrtonic musik alter ego.
Released full length album "Head Cleaner" Regeneration Records 2002
Several Japanese tours and sparse local Los Angeles shows through it's inception.

Nude  1991 - 1992
short lived collaboration with Gregory Darling (Darling Cruel, Julian Lennon). Pop songs in Beatles vein with Belew style guitars.

Kirk Hellie - Guitars
Gregory Darling - Vocals Guitars
Norm Block - Drums (1991)
John Wilmer - Drums (1992)
Orlando - Bass (1991)
Jonnathan Falk - Bass (1992)

Caveat Emptor 1998 - present
Collaboration with electronic musician Edward J Nervo. Instruments consist of home-made electonics and NASA test equipment.
Recorded full length album "Useless Passions" Regeneration Records as well as various compiliations.
Featured in the documentary 2004 "Noise" by Walter Williams.

Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) 1989 - 1992
live touring guitarist North America/Canada tours. Video for "Fire and Gasoline" MCA Records 1989. Video for "Wild Wheels" MCA Records 1989. Steve Jones Live EP 1990 MCA Records.

Steve Jones - Vocals Guitar
Kirk Hellie - Guitar BG Vocals
Mike Dimkitch - Guitar BG Vocals
Terry Nails - Bass BG Vocals
Peter Kelly - Drums